Personakt Antavla

Rolf i Berg (Svadisson)

Blev ca 50 år.

Far:Svadi Jotun (320? - )

Född:omkring 350 Bergi (Norge). [1]
Död:omkring 400 Bergi (Norge). [1]


I källan står:

Figure of the Orkneysaga.

He is said to be "Hrolf of the Hill; he was the son of Svadi the giant from north of the Dovrefell". He kidnapped Thorri's daughter Goi from Kvenland, leading her brother Nor to eventually conquer Norway.

The dates of birth and death are chosen to fit with surrounding profiles; they are totally undocumented. ---------------


350? Födelse omkring 350 Bergi (Norge) [1]
352? Systern Hødd Svadidatter (Svadesdatter) föds omkring 352 Hedmark (Norge) [2]
400? Död omkring 400 Bergi (Norge) [1]