Personakt Antavla

Loth (Lod)

Far:Heidrek Aunsson (400? - )

Född:omkring 440 England. [1]

Barn med ?

Eirik "den Målspake" NN (480? - )


I källan står:

Markhus shows Loth as the son of Heidrek, whose father Aun (On) Jorundson was the King of Svitjod, one of the ancestors of Harald Harfragre. Thus according to this, Loth is of direct descent from Njord the Rich. However, Cooper shows Loth as the son of Kynvarch (Cynvarch Oer or Cinmarc), a descendant of Bran the Blessed and Beli Mawr. Cinmarc - also known as King Mark - was the uncle of Tristan.

Llawddyn Lleuddag.

King of Lothian, Orkney, and sometimes Norway. He is King Arthur's brother-in-law and early enemy. The character is possibly derived from a historical personage.


440? Födelse omkring 440 England [1]
480? Sonen Eirik "den Målspake" NN föds omkring 480 [2]