Fornjotur Kvenland

"kung av Kvenland". Blev ca 60 år.

Född:omkring 170 Finland. [1]
Död:omkring 230 Finland. [1]

Barn med ?

Kari Fornjotsson (185? - 240?)
Ægir (Hlér el. Gymir) Fornjotsson (186? - 240?)
Logi Fornjotsson (186? - )


I källan står:

FORNJOT "the Ancient Giant", King of Kvenland.

Born (about 100 BC)(in 160-S3). He is said to be a giant (jötun), which seems to be related to his name (Fornjot - Old Jotun).

His legend comes out of the "Orkneyinga Saga":

"There was a king named Fornjot, he ruled over those lands which are called Finland and Kvenland; that is to the east of that bight of the sea which goes northward to meet Gandvik; that we call the Helsingbight.

Fornjot had three sons; one was named Hler, whom we call Ægir, the second Logi, the third Kari; he was the father of Frost, the father of Snow the old" (quoted from

The Hversu Noregr byggdist states that a descendant of Fornjót "ruled over Gothland, Kvenland (Kænlandi), and Finland".

Of his children, the Hversu account says that Hlér ruled over the seas, Logi over fire, and Kári over wind.


170? Födelse omkring 170 Finland [1]
185? Sonen Kari Fornjotsson föds omkring 185 Finland [2]
186? Sonen Ægir (Hlér el. Gymir) Fornjotsson föds omkring 186 Finland [3]
186? Sonen Logi Fornjotsson föds omkring 186 Finland [4]
230? Död omkring 230 Finland [1]